An Extravaganza of Voice – The Lark


Living in the Eurasia to Eastern Siberia and from Japan and North Africa, Lark is also referred to as Horned Lark. This medium size bird makes the sedentary populations of the West and migrates further to South in winter, typically several hundred kilometers where they can find a milder and optimum climate for their habitat. Flights from February to May and from September to November are observed by various ornithologists.  During winter in the pool Mediterranean or in Western Europe, in Canada, Australia and New Zealand, scientists have distinguished 12 subspecies. Larks are more eloquent and have more calls / songs than most of the singing birds. Singing qualities of Larks have found place in music and literature.

This extravaganza of voice helps larks to attract partners and defend their territories from other larks.

Ornithologists estimate that the densest areas of the occurrence of this bird into 8 breeding pairs involve 10 hectares of open fields. Spring migration is visible and apparent. The birds, in flocks, can be seen by many passers-by passing through the country.  The birds are grouped into large and can numbered up to several dozens.

In February, when few birds are heard, or seen from time to time passing, the Singing Lark can be heard in the midst of fields). The migration flight of lark ends in early May.



Slim silhouette

Both sexes are equally colored. They do not differ much among themselves except that females are somewhat smaller. On the head a short, barely visible tip of feathers is formed on top of the head (more prominent in lark and occurs in boron). It is noted clearly in the feathers. The plumage is intense, darker gray-brown, lighter underneath and makes for a perfect color masking. Eyebrows frame the cheeks and are a slightly lighter shade than the rest of the body. Bottom is hatched brown on the breast, following a uniform pattern without the hatch. Wings are triangular, and have a clear ending. In flight, a white rear edge of the wing and the extreme rectrices or flight feather are clearly visible. It is good to see them at close range while picking up a bird to fly. Legs are pale colored with a long back and form an almost straight claw back and fingers. It is very distinctive and easy to move along the ground. The beak is rather short but the tail is long. The largest of the lark’s size can exceed the sparrow.

Body size

Body length is approximately 17-19 cms

Wings span approximately 30-35 cms

Length of wings

Male about 105-115 mm, 95-105 mm for female lark.

Body Weight

Approximately 30-45 gms for  male, and for female larks that could be approximately 25-38 gms


Short and smooth “prrit”.  Lark sings mainly in the long flight to over meadows and fields, rather than while sitting on the ground.  It happens in strong winds when one can listen to their songs  but they tend to fly immediately due to strong wind current. Their singing is flowing, rippling,  high-speed, high, vibrating and pleasant to the human ear. It may contain imitations of other bird voices as well. Most male get up silently from the ground almost vertically after gaining height of 10-20 m and begin to sing, then without stopping singing rises straight up; totter arches and spirals with rapid wing strokes while gaining  a significant height (100-200 m) and hangs there at one point. After a few minutes, they slowly spread wings spirally and flight back sliding to the ground while continue singing. At a height of 10-20 m, they cease to sing, lower wings and quickly fall down, only to  spread the wings and tail just before the landing.

Larks sing all day – starting before sunrise and ending after sunset. Their singing can be heard immediately after the arrival of the wintering grounds (even at the end of February), then throughout all tooting and nesting season. Only when the fog fall silent for a time like in August and September during melting season, they are less active. In May, the average duration of the song is about 2 minutes. Its main purpose is to mark territory (so that other males do not tresspass) and luring females. It is typical in birds which can be found in open areas.  The more the voices, the more the power of a bird. The continuous singing require a large amount of power from a bird.  The 8-minute song, a lark sings,  is very difficult to perform otherwise but not an impossible task for birds like lark because of their breathing techniques.


In the breeding season, larks map their  territory.  Though, larks tend to be social bird but during mating season, they retain caution and secretiveness. Usually, they travel in large, with dozen of flock up to 1000 larks. During the flight, they frequently sit on the ground to get shelter and food from the vegetation around. Rarely, they can be seen on more exposed situations like bars or wires.

The male lark sings hovering in the air while flapping its wings.

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What wavelengths are used for Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal is one of the vain treats that come along with a technological advanced society. For all you rocket scientists out there, let’s have a look at what wave lengths go into laser hair removal.

Many wavelengths of laser energy are used for laser hair removal. Since the visible light until almost the infrared . These lasers are generally designated by the type of wavelength they produce (measured innanometers, nm):

  • Argon: 488 or 514.5 nm
  • Ruby: 694 nm
  • Alexandrite: 755 nm
  • Pulsed diode array: 810 nm
  • Nd: YAG: 1064 nm
  • Nd: YAP: 1079 nm
  • flash lamp which is not in itself a laser uses the spectrum from 600 to 1000 nm approximately, variable in different devices.

Lasers argon and ruby are practically used. The ruby is merely an alternative for very clear skins (phototype 1) The laser Alexandrite is the most widely used. It was at 755 nm photons that are most likely to be absorbed by the hair as other structures of the skin. This is the best choice for skin phototype 1-4. It can also be used for photype 5. The laser diode has the main advantage of being cheaper to buy than lasers and alexandrite NdYag. They are versatile, but are generally less powerful, and therefore the maximum diameter of the spots are smaller, they are slightly more painful than the alexandrite lasers. Simpler and lighter, they can be transported from one place to another. It is a good alternative for skin phototypes 4 and 5, but given the size of spots, supermarkets are often treated worse. The laser NdYag is the only laser that can treat black skin, treatment is more painful but very effective. Later use in hair removal, Nd: YAP laser coupled to a pulse train can treat all skin phototypes virtually painless.

The Milestones of Gay Rights in the US

Even though the pope believes gay marriage is risky homosexuals have come along way in the US, let’s have a look at some milestones.The socio-cultural evolution by far followed the evolution of laws. Equalizing homosexual and later was part of the general release of sexuality cultural traditions, which lose the xx th  century more and more importance, and are superseded by the concept of sexual autonomy . In the U.S., the emancipation of homosexuals began in the era of World War II. Milestones are 

  • -he studies of Alfred Kinsey  : Sexual Behavior in the Human Male (Sexual Behavior in the Human Male) (1948, reissued in 1998) and Sexual Behavior in the Human Female(The sexual behavior of the human female) (1953, reissued in 1998)
  • the founding of the Mattachine Society (1950)
  • the later collaboration of homosexual activists in the civil rights movement (1955-1968)
  • the Stonewall Riots (1969)
  • the foundation of organization combat as the Gay Liberation Front (Gay Liberation Front)
  • the removal of homosexuality from the catalog of diseases ( DSM ) of the American Psychiatric Association (American Psychiatric Association) in 1973
  • the reorientation of the homosexual movement during the crisis of AIDS since 1981
  • the incorporation of minorities such as transsexuals (since 1990)
  • and finally to the xxi th  century the political battle for gay marriage .

Galaxy S3 What to Expect

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Kindle Fire 2 – Get Ready!

Kindle Fire has stormed the market industry. That’s a fact and that has always been our guarantee also before it was released. Why? It’s referred to as so because of the fact that the Kindle was already adored by the thousands also only a month after its release. Each one of these thrilled clients loves the Kindle to a point that most of them could not watch why it could not be improved and updated into a tablet. Thus, the Kindle Fire is born.

After the launch of Kindle Fire, folks adore the brand-new features, simple user interface as well as the incredibly inexpensive cost. Nonetheless, like any other tablet, there are some points which tablets can strengthen on in the next tools. That is the reason why the Kindle Fire 2 is going to be released immediately. Here are a few things that individuals will certainly most likely view in the 2nd variation of the Kindle Fire (they aren’t all strong, foolproof reviews yet they have an 80 % chance that the items will definitely take place).

Bigger Screen

There have been accounts that the Kindle Fire 2 screen will definitely be bigger. Presently, the Kindle Fire was released with needing a 7-inch screen. That is certainly probably the most typical apprehensions for lots of buyers since they favor utilizing a tablet that has a big screen because of their media usages. Among their rivals, iPad 2, needs a bigger screen which is the good reason that some have picked the Apple item. As for how large the Kindle Fire 2 will be, since Amazon cares about exactly how light it will definitely is because of its initial device reason which is only an eBook reader, the display size will certainly more than likely be 9.7 inches to 10.1 inches.

Superior and much less Raced

There is sound evidence that showed that Amazon literally desired to release the Kindle Fire 2 as the 1st product. Nonetheless, due to the lagging progress of the advancement along with their need to release an item before Christmas, they have released an inferior and scrambled product instead which is called the Kindle Fire.

OS is Semi-Android which is More Amazon-friendly

Amazon’s version of Android (which is the reason it’s called semi-Android) is still likely to be implemented for this item. The device will certainly most likely be more biased towards the app outlet of Amazon. This is accomplished so to ensure that the purchaser to likely search for downloadable files on Amazon instead of look for them in the Google market and the Android market.

Common Features Will definitely Be Present

Just about the most typical gripes of individuals concerning the Kindle Fire is it doesn’t have a few functions that the iPad has. Instances of these are the non-existence of a camera system, a GPS and a mic. However, by having exactly how useful the Kindle Fire 2 will largely very likely be, these added features aren’t much of a deal-breaker if in case the Kindle Fire 2 won’t have these.